The most damaging phrase in the language is

it’s always been done like that

Grace Hopper

Maybe it’s time to do something different.

“My daughter’s senior portraits were taken by Scott and Lynn. A mutual friend highly recommended them so I looked up their website and loved what I saw. I had a feeling they would be the right fit. My daughter wanted an unusual senior photo and so I was a little nervous about asking them to do it but when I called they was very open and excited about the idea. We met the next day in their studio so they could get to know my daughter and we could talk about the session and what we wanted and what to expect. We immediately felt like we were in the right place! Not only did they answer all our questions but they threw out lots of great ideas and asked us good questions so that the photo shoot would be just what we wanted. They also talked to us about options, prices, and what we wanted besides a photo for the school year book. We are very happy we ended up with PRINTED photos and not just digital images that would possibly never be seen.

The day of the photo shoot will forever stand out as one of my best days ever. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with my teenage daughter because she always hates when we take her photo. Scott and Lynn made her feel so comfortable and were so genuinely positive and complimentary that I think I saw her self confidence go up several levels that day. They made the shoot a memorable experience for my daughter and for me.

The finished product was beyond amazing!  We think of our printed products as pieces of art – the subject being our beautiful daughter at a crucial stage in her life. We couldn’t be happier with the photos and they were worth every penny.”

Marci J