Get to know us - Lynn & Scott

We get (really cool) sh*t done.


I wish one of us had a killer story about how our great Uncle Joe handed us a camera when we were 9 and we’ve been “capturing memories” ever since.

Or that we never leave home without our camera…just in case something amazing happens.

Or that we’re passionate about cataloging our daily lives through pictures.

Or some other sappy reason that we are in the photography business.

But none of that would be true. Neither one of us has a great Uncle Joe.

The truth is you can catalog your own daily life through pictures. In fact, this generation of seniors is doing just that – taking pictures of everything with their cell phones and sharing those images around the globe. You dont’ need us to do that for you.  

What we do is altogether different.



“The most courageous act is to think for yourself”

Coco Chanel

Scott wanted to be forest ranger.

At 15 years old, Scott spent two weeks hiking the in the high Sierra.  Inspired by a mountain ecology class he had taken the summer before his freshman year of high school, he and three friends planned a trip of their own the following summer.  At first, his mom said it was OK for him to go. But when the time came for him to actually embark on the journey, she changed her mind and said no.

Not to be detered by his mom’s change of heart, he left home in the middle of the night and caught a Greyhound bus to Bisop then hitchhiked to Mammoth and walked to the trailhead, the starting point of the adventure.  When his mom awoke and found him ‘missing’, of course she panicked.  She wanted to call the police to bring him home.

Knowing that the adventure was going to be a good thing for him, his big brother Brent devised a way to keep their mom from getting the police involved.  Brent told their mom that Scott probably had some pot in his possession and if she called the police that Scott would be thrown in jail.  Not wanting her baby boy to get thrown in the slammer, she relented and Scott was able to complete his weeks-long hike.

He got snowed in at Duck Lake, went to the top of Half Dome, slept on rocks and snow, ate freeze dried food, pooped in the woods (literally), and lived to tell the tale.  Waiting for him at the end of the trail was his father – happy that the trip was over and ready to return little Scotty home safely.

That trip was the first of many and those times are some of the best memories in his life.

After his early life hiking adventures, Scott spent years in the consumer electronics industry designing speakers and subwoofers. He even won a Design & Engineering award at the CES show (it’s a big deal). Kinda cool is all his knowledge about sound especially because he’s also a musician – a self-taught guitar player (yes, he’s really good) who loves blues and rock and bluegrass and stuff.  Sometimes you can catch him playing at various places around the county with other talented local musicians.

I wanted to be a princess (or maybe a raccoon)

I love sparkly things (but not glitter).

I’m looking forward to being that age that when I wear a tiara to the farmer’s market people will look at me and say “damn, look at her, she rocks. I wish I was that ballsy” instead of “What the f*ck?” and then point and laugh.  I wanna grow up and be like Dianne Wiest and Stockard Channing in Practical Magic – cool clothes, great hats, not giving two f*cks what other people think, and having a vast knowledge of herbs and all their uses.

I got in trouble in kindergarten for calling my teacher by her first name. Seemed reasonable since she called me by my first name.

I am not the person I was even a year ago.

I once looked up my numerology chart on the internet and was shocked at how accurate it was.

I love books and movies and books that become (good) movies.

I’m a complete sucker for vintage rhinestones.

I collect little dishes the way that some women collect shoes.

We make art.

The kind that is in a family for generations.
We create art for

Extraordinary people

People who aren’t afraid to be themselves

People who dare to stand out and be something amazing

The camera is just the tool that allows us to create.

The vision?

Well…that comes from you.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt